Old school photographic magic in a throw away digital world.

Traditional, everlasting portraiture for the special people in your life.

Tintype Portraits

Sit for your tintype portrait or arrange one for someone you care about. A unique and everlasting portrait that is the antithesis of the modern and ephemeral digital photograph


Learn the secrets of analogue photography from yesteryear with individual tuition.

Hierloom Tintypes

Using our specially developed method we turn your cherished family photographs into tintypes: unique, permanent & even more precious.

Why tintypes?

Collodion tintype photography, invented in the 1850s and commonly used for portraiture until the end of the 19th century, involves exposing blackened metal plates coated with photographic emulsion in a large format bellows camera. Each tintype is a unique, permanent, one of a kind image object, with no intermediate negative or file used in its production. Tintypes exemplify a return to hand crafted image making. Their beguiling materiality is rarely encountered in modern photography.

Why film?

Film traps light as silver grains yielding a look that many digital practitioners emulate. Making a large format film photograph takes time and skill and the results are compelling and poetic. Even state-of-the-art digital cameras cannot reproduce the unique qualities of a large format film portrait. That's simply a consequence of optical physics.

Why black & white?

Someone wisely once said “When you photograph someone in colour you are photographing their clothes. When you photograph someone in black & white you are photographing their souls.”

Tasmanian Tintype is based at the Salamanca Arts Centre in the heart of the historic arts precinct in one of the world’s beautiful cities, Hobart, Tasmania.

A short doco about our tintype portraiture.

Made by Lara van Raay of Small World Documentaries.

Some of our classics...

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